Manage your Sales Operations on the GO!

The sales & distribution module of msales enables the on-field executives to access real time information from the ERP & register transactions in real time. Additionally it enables the executive to file daily call reports, track competitor’s activity, report dealer/retailer issues. It gives a personalized dashboard to each executive, to keep him better informed of his current performance.



Sales OrderSales Order

Create sales order, view sales order status, generate Invoice, Capture Closing Stock.

Van Based SalesVan Based Sales

Perform Van Sales on the field - capturing all sales order, invoicing, invoice printing payments details, pre-orders & delivery

Issue ReportingIssue Reporting

Reporting Dealer issues which are visible at the time of his visit.

Competitor Activity TrackingCompetitor Activity Tracking

Capture significant competitor activities in the market with reasons.

Location TrackingLocation Tracking

Capture GPS co-ordinates of transactions, view transactions on map.

Route OptimizationRoute Optimization

Define tour plans, Route Optimization review market coverage & productivity.


Generate & Print physical receipts integrated with bluetooth printer


Users's Target vs achievement, outstanding Reports, Inventory Reports

Approval WorkflowsApproval Workflows

Various approval request on device like special price, discount etc.

Inventory StatusInventory Status

Receive Incoming stocks, Shipping, Returns, Stock Allocation & Reconciliation

Proof of DeliveryProof of Delivery

Capture the Signature of the customer, click images of required documents using mobile camera, GPS location (Auto Captured) during delivery.

Merchandise Tracking Merchandise Tracking

Capture retailer wise merchandizing data with photographs, Conduct Asset audits, NFC/QR code Integration

 ERP/DMS Integration ERP/DMS Integration

Integrates with ERP/DMS for master data management and submission of transactions


Centralized dashboard to view your sales team progress.Check the list of all sales orders with their details and status, total stock on hand, total stock available etc.

Security & App ManagementSecurity & App Management

Offline Access, Diagnostics & version Management, Remote Data Wipe, Usage Dashboard.


  • Reduced turn around time by 50%.

  • Real time inventory status.

  • Streamlining process thus improving employee productivity by 50%.

  • Instant access and submission of orders at the ERP/DMS.

  • Provide up-to-date information (i.e. stock price/order status etc.) to the Dealer/ Distributor thus improving the customer query response.