Mobicule: Empowering mobile workforce

Speaking with Retailer Media, Siddharth Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder, Mobicule explained about the need of enabling enterprises to truly reap the benefits that a mobility driven business model can deliver. He also shared about how his company is delivering a mobile edge to the retailers. 

Below are excerpts from the article:

What were the initial challenges faced while rooting this business in the market?

Mobicule came into existence 7 years ago, in 2008 when mobility was at a very nascent stage in India. The term enterprise mobility was not very familiar with most companies. Replacing paper with a mobile app integrated with backend systems was a concept which was hard to believe for most companies. It was difficult to convince customers as not everyone could foresee long term benefits of mobility. Also, there were many other roadblocks like adoption of mobile app since most employees were not tech savvy, efforts in training employees on how to use the app, security of data etc.  

How has the operation of your clients improved with your services and solutions?

Our customers have derived huge business benefits and have relied on us for mobilising their business. From punching Sales order to Generating invoices to Collection of outstanding payments; msales connects the on-field executive with the core systems thereby increasing the productivity. Moreover, msales - broadcast and Digital Catalog enables the company to share information at critical moments, an obvious help to technical field personnel and sales people.


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