Retail Offerings

Retail is a dynamic industry with its own set of multifaceted and diverse business processes and requirements. With retail competition at an all-time high, today’s retailer are finding new ways to attract consumers and inspire high levels of customer loyalty. Innovative retail mobility solutions can create a truly differentiated in-store experience with fun, interactive tools that put a wealth of information at customers’ fingertips.





  • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Transfer/ Return
  • Physical Inventory Check ( PIC)
  • Self Check
  • Task Manager
  • MIS
The Mobile Warehouse Automation is a unique product designed for mobile handheld devices/Scanners to automate various warehouse/store processes.

The Warehouse Automation module integrates with your backend systems and provides you an option to view; process and submit data real-time from the warehouse/store.
Customer Engagement Apps

Customer Engagement Apps

  • Loyalty Program
  • Offers
  • Stores Nearby
  • Check-in
  • Partners
  • QR Code
  • Social Media
Mobile apps have become one of the best ways to target consumers.

Mobicule helps you create apps which are easy to use and navigate with well laid-out information that is easy to digest, enhancing customer satisfaction.


  • Product Catalog
  • Favorites
  • Offers
  • Payment Gateway
  • Social Media Integration
Mobile Commerce is "a retail outlet in your customer's pocket" allowing retailers to connect with customers on a personal platform, engaging with timely, localized and handy information.

Also provides a platform to increase brand recall with a dedicated presence on the users mobile device.
msales broadcast

msales broadcast

  • Share any type of content (.pdf, audio, video,.jpeg, html5 mobile friendly pages etc)
  • Gather Feedback on content
  • Measure impact with Quiz
  • Send critical messages or announcements
  • Get real-time Analytic
Enterprise Communication is taking on a new dimension with msales - broadcast, an effective way to stay connected with employees on the road.

msales-Broadcast makes learning easier, motivates further learning, and encourages knowledge sharing and gathering. Perhaps most important, the universal accessibility of this technology enables individual staff members to receive support at critical moments, an obvious help to technical field personnel and salespeople.