Media Offerings

Today, mobility, underpinned by the rapid emergence of smart technologies, has become both a key business objective and an enabler. Media organizations face challenges like managing their mobile workforce, keeping pace with new technologies, a sophisticated user base and tech-savvy customers etc.

Mobicule’s solutions for the media facilitate adoption of mobility within the enterprise. Our solutions are driven by strong domain expertise of the media industry and a robust mobility team.



msales Broadcast

msales Broadcast

  • Share any type of content (.pdf, audio, video,.jpeg, html5 mobile friendly pages etc)
  • Gather Feedback on content
  • Measure impact with Quiz
  • Send critical messages or announcements
  • Get real-time Analytic
Enterprise Communication is taking on a new dimension with msales - broadcast, an effective way to stay connected with employees on the road.

msales-Broadcast makes learning easier, motivates further learning, and encourages knowledge sharing and gathering. Perhaps most important, the universal accessibility of this technology enables individual staff members to receive support at critical moments, an obvious help to technical field personnel and salespeople.
Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

  • Approve Time Sheets, Leave Request,Travel request,
  • Approve Special Price Request,Purchase orders etc.
  • Push Notification
  • Authorization & Authentication
The demands of a 24x7 mobile worker require that business must continue even when the employee is not in the office. Frequent business processes, such as workflow items and alerts, time recording, and travel requests require immediate action

Using the approval Workflow , mobile workers can now receive and manage Worklist notifications and alerts on their mobile device.
Dashboards (Ad Slots Inventory)

Dashboards (Ad Slots Inventory)

  • Interactive charts & tables
  • Slice & Dice Features
  • Reports
  • Authorization & Authentication
Mobile dashboards make the process of checking adslot inventories quicker and easier. The data is displayed in interactive and graphical representations, making the app user friendly and easy to comprehend.

A representative can view a sales revenue graph channel-wise, region-wise, programme-wise, executives-wise and the like.


  • Search & Filters
  • Playlists
  • Subscriptions
  • Recommendations
Mobile Streaming is rapidly becoming the next wave of technology innovation. It expands your audience and provides them with an easy-to-use streaming application.

Mobile Streaming helps overcoming the negative effects of physical distance and network technology limitation.